„Firma Posiadało” sp. j. exists on the market since 1996. From 01.09.2017 Firma Posiadalo sp. j. has been transformed into POSIADALO Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. (POSIADALO LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP COMPANY). We are the biggest Polish manufacturer and supplier of counterweights made with EcoHeavy+ technology dedicated to:

  • household appliances
  • freight and passengers elevator producers
  • platform and railway traction
  • furniture industry
  • agriculture industry

We are also the manufacturer of pavement bricks and road infrastructure under Gladio trademark.


Our goal is to supply the market with concrete elements made with Ecoheavy+ technology that meet customer requirements. We set continuously new, high demands, then we do everything to meet them.

We use our knowledge and experience to improve the quality of raw materials used in the production process, as well as to the stability of our company. Constant analysis of customer satisfaction enables us to react quickly to the market situation. Thanks to a unique manufacturing solutions, we generate for our customers huge savings.